why do rich people buy big houses -__- cant you get the same enjoyment out of a house half as small and use the $100,000 you saved to go go-carting with your kids once and a while

go-carting doesn’t cost that much??? if you go to the right place it costs like $200 for a family of four?

what are you talking about that’s incredibly expensive.  how many big houses do you own



"Imagine a duck. But just the eyes.

No, larger than that. Really large duck eyes.

Now imagine fur. Puffy fur, like a bear cub. Soft, and tan, and a thick round belly, and no real discernible arms or legs, just…little nubs that flit about as it slowly moves across the floor.

Oh my God, it’s adorable! I wish you could see this thing.”

I need to practice my felt needling (I’m planning to make a dinosaur) so I made a Strexpet™. 

Isn’t it adorable? I’m sure that it would never hurt a fly!